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The taste for the authentic

Are you passionate about antique furnishings? Come to visit our showroom, we are sure to make you fall in love with our vintage and antique furnishings in Viterbo, many unique and authentic pieces ideal to decorate your home. Our antique items are very versatile, suitable both for recreating classic or vintage environments and for giving a unique and unique touch to rooms with a more modern style.
Arredamenti antichi e d'epoca Viterbo
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The furnishings that make a difference

The antique furnishings have the ability to make almost magical the environment that they decorate. Their historical merit is an added value for the entire home. Moreover, they represent a choice that can be defined as ecological, in the sense that it goes to recover and give new life to pieces that would otherwise be forgotten in some abandoned attic or abode.

Our catalog

Come visit us to evaluate our proposals. We can offer you vintage and antique furnishings of every age and style. From Antichità Poleggi Ginevra we have:
  • Wrought iron beds dating back to the nineteenth century
  • Antique chest of drawers, including a splendid piece of walnut with eighteenth-century trims, completely restored
  • Walnut Settimino with eighteenth-century reverse
  • Library cabinet, made of chestnut wood dating back to the 18th century
  • Vinicellari in peperino: a kind of pantry used to store the dishes or as a bookcase, usually inserted inside niches or resting on the walls with a stone profile and grooves to support the shelves
  • silver plate cutter, also called taglierine
  • The Spring and the Archer, two original terracotta busts of the nineteenth century
Contact us and make an appointment. We are sure to find the right piece for your home.