Antique floors Viterbo


In stone, cooked and peperino



A step on the story

Inimitable, valuable, and loaded with history. A floor made with our ancient tiles is an element of rare beauty capable of embellishing every home. Are you looking for something authentic? Visit us and let charmed you by our exposition of antique floors in Viterbo. Our materials are masterpieces of the past. You just have to choose what you want and enjoy the end result. Entrusted to us.
Pavimenti antichi Viterbo

For your interiors

From Antichità Poleggi Ginevra you can find a wide and accurate selection of stones and terracotta or stone floors, originals and authentics, for indoor and outdoor. In particular, for your home we have ancient terracotta flooring, in square or rectangular shapes that can give your environments great charm and personality. It is a very versatile material, appropriate for any type of room. Being an retrieved material it brings with its own all the signs of time that, however, contribute to making it even more special.

For your exteriors

For your outdoor spaces you can choose between medieval slabs, peperino and flint floors. These are ideal materials for creating a path or avenue in your garden to cover a porch or reframed your pool. Different dimensions of the plates give the surfaces a movement and an original character. The various shades of color, exposed to sunlight, can make these floorings very refined. Come in our showroom if you look for gardens, stairs and thresholds of various epochs. Contact us and make an appointment. We are sure we will not let you down.