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Bricks, tiles, shingles,balconies, windows, barbicans



The beauty of antiquity

Time doesn't scratch the beauty, but it often exalts the features, making them even more precious. There are things that never go out of fashion, like our antique building materials in Viterbo, used for the renovation of numerous castles, villas, farmhouses and ancient mansions. Visit our showroom. The authenticity of our products is the guarantee of a result that perfectly meets your expectations.
Materiali edili antichi Viterbo
Materiali edili

We build the ancient one

Do you need to remake a roof and want to use antique building materials? Roof and curved tiles, Roman canals, planks are at your disposal for the construction or refurbishment of roofs and / or buildings with a historical value. Come and visit us, in our show we have every kind of ancient, original and exclusive brick to realize your projects: stone for walls, bricks and little bricks to building , plates to coat steps and staircases.
portale in pietra

Dress your dwelling in antiquity

Do you want to make your balcony or your windows unique? You just have the embarrassment of choosing between our thresholds, balconies and balustrades. You can also find beautiful barbicans for balconies that can really make a difference in the facade of your building. In addition, we have antique mullioned window and stone and pepper frames. Doors, door frames and doors of different sizes, in peperino, travertine or stone.
Do you have a chimney and want to give it an extremely traditional touch? You come to Antichità Poleggi Ginevra and look for the item that suits your needs. We'll be expecting you!