Ancient stone chimneys in Viterbo



The heat of the fireplace

It has always been the symbol of the house. Today it is above all a decorative element, but in reality it was born to be functional, in fact it is useful for heating and also for cooking. The fireplace has a particular charm, able to enhance the environment in which it is placed.
Camini antichi in pietra Viterbo

Uniqueness and elegance

Do you want to give a touch of originality to your fireplace? What are you waiting for? Contact Antichità Poleggi Ginevra. Here you can find beautiful ancient stone chimneys in Viterbo that can change the face to your wall. For example: in marble, peperino or stone. They are real masterpieces of Italian craftsmanship and, for this reason, you can not help choose one! Come and visit us to touch with hand all the models, different from one other in form, size, decoration, materials and historical epoch to which they belong.

Fireplace Accessories

In our showroom you can also find antique frames for your fireplace and stone barbacans, used to hold the chimney pot; today pure decorative elements. They are all unique pieces, authentic, of great value and of various historical epochs, which can help to embellish the fireplace.
We also have a wide choice of flaps wrought iron wings of various shapes and sizes. They are the oldest objects of the fireplace and they are the perfect complement.

Choose to retrieve

Using recovery materials is a choice of taste and quality: in this way you can create a new and exclusive style. It also has ethical implications since deciding to retrieve and reuse ancient materials means saving energy and protecting the environment.